CDO Automotive 2020-21

Racing the Sun is a solar go-kart competition for high school students organized and hosted by Tech Parks Arizona. The purpose of the program is to help high school students develop STEM skills. The student’s final performance task comes in the form of a competitive race. The race has many different aspects including: Competing for Speed, Endurance, and Grand Champion (total points).  Along with the race students must present to the U of A tech park staff about the go kart. The 5-7 minute presentation must have two supporting visual components such as: display boards or Power Point. The students must present the build/design process, and challenges in process and how these problems were addressed. Students will also have to know how basic science, math, engineering and/or technology skills were used as part of the competition. All solar go-karts will undergo a two part technical review, the first is on Test Day and the second is on Race Day. The go-karts will be inspected to ensure they meet the following criteria: Compliance with all the requirements of the competition guidelines with respect to mechanical, structural, electrical and solar specifications, safety requirements and required documentation. Students will have to fix any non-conforming items on the spot or they will be disqualified from the race. Students will have to use their skills learned throughout the year to fix any issues that arise.

***2014-2015*** Standard Chassis CHAMPIONS!